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How To Disable Kaspersky Antivirus?

Before showing you how to disable Kaspersky antivirus, we need to ask you why would you want to do this? This software is one of the best antiviruses you can find. Not only will it protect your whole computer, it will also provide you with amazing protection online. With Kaspersky installed on your computer, you have nothing to worry about the malware harming your computer or the hackers stealing your important data.

For all the things mentioned above, we urge you not to remove Kaspersky antivirus from your computer. If you want to stop it from working, just disable it instead. To do this, simply turn off the Self-Defense feature. This is something that can be done easily. All you need to do is follow the next few steps:

  • Step 1 – Open the antivirus
  • Step 2 – Go to Settings
  • Step 3 – Choose Additional from the left-side menu
  • Step 4 – Click Self-Defense
  • Step 5 – The Self-Defense settings window will open, where you need to unmark the box saying ‘Enable Self-Defense’
  • Step 6 – the software will ask you to confirm your choice, so click Continue

This way, you will switch off the Kaspersky antivirus. What this means that your computer will not be protected. But, this doesn’t have to mean that you’re in trouble. You can easily enable the Self-Defense feature again, whenever you want. Another advice given by Kaspersky technical support is to run virus scans on a regular basis, thus making sure there aren’t any malware on your computer.

If you need any help with enabling/disabling Kaspersky antivirus, you can contact Kaspersky support Australia. Apart from this issue, the tech support agents stand at your disposal for virtually any problem you might have with this antivirus. Simply call on our toll-free Kaspersky helpline number 1-800-413-882 and they will help you fix the issue.

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